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Watercolour Paintings

The artist that created all of the Country Swirls embroidery designs has her own website with hundreds and hundreds of paintings. Artist Sophie Appleton now uses her married name of Artist Sophie Huddlestone. Please visit Sophie's own artists web site which is www.sophiehuddlestone.com

Sophie Appleton ''Since May 2011 my watercolours have been selling faster than the paint can dry, branching into flowers, animals and beach scenes, with my unique swirly style. The gallery pages on my sophiehuddlestone web site show hundreds of my previously sold paintings, I could re-paint them again, just for you. Painting is now my favorite pastime, most days are spent with a paintbrush in hand, creating new paintings each week.
I have been told my paintings look happy and cheerful with the swirls and movement. If you look very carefully on each watercolour painting with ink detail, you will eventually find one of my own personal secret markings, its a small face in ink (eyes, nose & smile), mixed in among all the swirls of the pen work :-) some people look and look and can not find it for a long time as it is only a couple of mm in size.''

Why not get SWIRLY SOPH ART our artists free phone app. Search for 'Swirly Soph Art' on Google Play for Android phones or the App Store for iOS phones.

Some examples of Sophie's Paintings;

Why not visit Sophie's Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/SwirlySophArt/
and have a chit chat on her regular posts of new paintings, or contact her on messenger @SwirlySophArt

How Sophie Designed The Embroidery's:

'' Before I was a watercolour artist I used to design and create embroidery’s. In July 2015 I returned to embroidery Art and decided to turn some of the popular watercolour paintings into beautiful embroidered pictures, with husband keith dealing with the production side of things.''

Examples of the 'Butterfly Gazing Cat' and 'Rockin Robin' paintings I used to inspire the embroidery designs.

Sophie explains how it’s made ; ''I have free hand drawn and painted a picture, and then I have turned this into an embroidery by using computer embroidery software. I have mapped out each individual stitch on the computer myself, slowly layering and building up the design. I have then chosen the colours of thread I'd like to use and the fabric. Then this map of digitized information has been sent from my computer to a sewing machine and sewn by an experienced machinist. Although I do love to paint and draw, I’m afraid when it comes to actual sewing I wouldn’t be able to darn a sock!''

Examples of the 'Wise Old Couple of Owls' and 'Fluffy Chicken Trio' paintings I used to inspire the embroidery designs.

Examples of the 'Cottage Garden Bouquet' and 'Poppy Swirls' paintings I used to inspire the embroidery designs.

Thank you for your interest.

               Sophie   :-)